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For the entire college family of past and present but special for the members of the XVIIIth Thoroughbred and the Form Fives of 1993.

There comes a time in everybody's life when all that means a lot to him finally has to go away. As a Malay Collegian, the days of fond memories, gaitey and happy-go-lucky ways come to an abrupt end on the Finale Day as a "Budak Koleq". Every Malay Collegian has to encounter the one thing that is sometimes as painful as a knife piercing through your heart, the last day. It does not have to be a collegian from the early days to the 50's until now. It will be just the same.

I am sure most, if not all of us still remember our first day at this alma mater of ours. All of us were with heads high in sheer pride but with also tears of sorrow. We knew that this was going to be the beginning of a perilous journey (at that time). We were entering the old, unknown corridors of this old castle filled with tradition and memories of past boys destined for pure supremacy.


During my Form Two days, a prefect once said to me that he was already getting a sad feeling inside himself about having to leave this college although it was still early in the year. I, unmatured and dumb (in the college sense, at that time) found it hard to understand because I had not felt his feelings yet. Now, as my time here grows shorter, the essence of his words is pounding inside me and my buddies as we are feeling it. I'm glad to say ZEPP, your words are true.

After nearly five whole years in this magnificent castle, it is actually quite a problem trying to imagine what is in store for me after my college days. It's just that for most of us, nearly our entire teenage lives were spent in this alma mater. There is a bond between us that is somewhat unbreakable. Most of our most wonderful memories in this "Eaton of the East" will always remain here, buried forever.

I know some people would ask whether there really is a true bond among us. Well, quite a lot of the Form Fives will remember the 14th of July 1993. It was the day Latoque left us. We did not know he was going to come back. Truthfully, I would say that a lot cried their hearts out while some others invisibly wept sorrowfully saddened by his departure.

Sweat dripping and curses ringing out, we still made it didn't we? Come the time when we will laugh our hearts or even cry our eyes out about the boy who fell in the BANK, Mat Sickbay 1989, 1PK2 members, our prefects of those days and many other eventful times we shared together. Only a student who has stayed here can understand why it's so hard to say goodbye to the Malay College of Kuala Kangsar. I'm pretty sure that you juniors out there are still too young to understand but believe me, the feelings will come sooner or later.

In the eyes of others, I know that a Form Five looks jolly and extremely happy throughout the year by the way each and everyone of them behaves. But actually tears are hard to come by even if the pain is hard to swallow. The sorrow inside is as precious as a gem to be easily thrown out into the open. For us, happy days will enlighten the heart and bring moments of joy but when the time comes, there is no way to stop the fury of anguish and the agony of despair.

However, to my collegues, I just hope that we do not easily break apart after leaving this alma mater of ours even though we won't be that near to each other anymore. In the MCOBA newsletter I read some time ago, there was one article that really captured my heart. This article was written by an old boy of the early 80's. This particular old boy was rather shocked that his fellow classmates of the past, would rather talk about business and other profitable chances whilst he was eager to recall the memories of the happy times they had together during the college days.

Silently, he wept, sad to be so alone until a friend noticed him and went to the author asking what was wrong. Gently, the writer took an old autograph book written under the Big Tree on their last day at the Malay College. Two pairs of eyes suddenly became watery. They both cried tears of joy in memory of the past. Although, I am not in his position, I too was saddened because I understood his feelings at the gathering. I'm sure most of us would understand too.

Actually it is not wrong to speak about other things, but you have got to understand that after we leave this white castle, we won't meet our fellow thoroughbredians frequently anymore. Some, we won't meet again until the end of our lives. It is just that we should cherish the times we had together once upon a time and sometimes replenish our thoughts with the sweet and sour times as a "Budak Koleq" before we are unable to do it anymore.

So, to my fellow comrades, I hope we will cherish the times we had together. Please do not forget our past days in this magnificent splendor because memories can't be ignored not now and not forever. This article was written before I left the Malay College of Kuala Kangsar. So with the days passing by as quickly as a bullet train, the pain of leaving is slowly seeping through and is somewhat unbearable. I, for one, do not know what to expect as my final day as a Malay Collegian creeps closer.

The wind of sorrow on the night after SPM is patiently waiting for its next victim. But we already know that the tears of an "ANAK MELAYU" will fall freely in Kuala Kangsar, this year and hopefully every year after this. Actually, as a Malay Collegian, it is not future we're after but really the memories we want to remember.

"A Malay Collegian" written by Qaiser Iskandar Anwaruddin 82nd member of XVIIIth Thoroughbred.